Detects moving and stationary Trains, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Pedestrians Powered by the Wavetronix SmartSensor-Matrix technology with railroad specific firmware.




From the moment it is turned on, detection at railroad crossings must work without failure through all weather and traffic conditions, day and night, year after year. Unlike other forms of vehicle detection that are difficult to keep working properly after their initial configuration, Island Radar detection remains as stable and consistent as they are on their day of installation. In fact, Island Radar has been designed, manufactured and tested to operate with a design life in excess of 10 years.


Precise 16 Beam Detection

Employing proprietary technology, the unique 16 beam antenna design of the Wavetronix SmartSensor Matrix provides a 90° detection field with precise range detection out to 150 feet from the point of installation. This combination of radar segments and range bins creates a ‘spider-web’ field of detection that allow for precise detection and tracking of objects.


Continuous Self-Checking

Once a sensor is connected to the VDR controller, it is communicating status updates to the controller 6 times per second. This constant update serves as the system’s heartbeat. Any change in detection zone presence and activity is alerted by these updates.


Continuous Cross-Checking Correspondence

The Island Radar System employs two opposing detection radars on every crossing. Every detection that occurs within the lsland Radar detection area is an opportunity for the system to cross check detection of one device against the detection of the opposing device. This continual correspondence between sensors for consistency creates a safety metric for system health monitored by the VDR system controller.


Detects Moving and Stationary Objects

Viewing the complete detection area through a ‘spider-web’ field of detection cells, this combination of radar segments and range bins allows for precise detection and tracking of objects inside of the detection area. System algorithms identify and track objects as they progress from one cell to another and hold the object's last detected position until it continues through the detection area allowing Island Radar to effectively detect both moving and stationary object.


Detects Trains, Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Pedestrians

The sensitivity of the Island Radar system allows it to easily detect large objects, such as trains or trucks, to small objects such as bicycles or pedestrians. The Island Radar detectors are constantly reviewing the complete detection area looking for dynamic changes in the background. Any change detected, large or small, alerts the controller.

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Utilize custom-engineered radar detection to keep trains and cars from meeting.

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Communicate with motorists about blocked crossing soon enough for them to do something about it.

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