Quad Gate

Utilize custom-engineered radar detection to keep trains and cars from meeting.


The Problem

Railroad crossings have been a safety concern for both automobile drivers and railroad operators since the two started crossing paths over 100 years ago. Grade-level crossing islands are designed to allow cars and trains to pass safely at the same location, with safety measures like gates, lights, bells, signs, train horns and vehicle detection in place to keep the crossing island safe for all. Unfortunately, these measures have not always been enough to maintain a safe crossing.

The Solution

Today, approaches and crossing islands are engineered with enhanced safety measures that are designed to keep cars and trains from meeting. Many of these enhanced measures are popular in newer railroad crossing applications, such as quiet zones and high-speed rail.

One of these enhanced safety measures is the four-quadrant gate crossing, in which four gates prevent access to the crossing from all lanes on both sides of the track. Four-quadrant systems operate dynamically: the entrance gates for both directions of travel descend when activated by an approaching train, preventing any further travel into the crossing island; the exit gates only descend when a vehicle detection system verifies that no vehicles remain in the crossing island, where they could be trapped if all four gates descended simultaneously.

Accurate, reliable vehicle detection is mandatory for a dynamic system like this to be effective. The Island Radar Quad Gate System offers FRA-approved, redundant broad-zone vehicle detection specifically for four-quadrant gate locations. Installed non intrusively in the track wayside, the Island Radar system provides a level of detection that is not feasible with other forms of detection. When configured to operate in dynamic mode with the exit gate management system controllers, the Island Radar system allows for complete safe clearance of the crossing island by placing the exit gates in a safe down position without trapping a vehicle on the island.  

The Technology

The Island radar Quad Gate System also provides:

  • 100 percent redundant vehicle detection from atop a pole located in the track wayside;
  • Broad-zone detection that ensures that the system doesn’t miss anything;
  • AREMA-compliant interfaces to virtually any type or vintage of crossing control circuitry when connected to the Island Radar VDR24 controller, which enables the dynamic operation of the four-quadrant gate crossing.

Island Radar is the detection of choice for Florida’s high-speed rail corridor, and our systems have been installed on numerous crossing safety projects with Class I Railroads. The Island Radar Quad Gate System is proving to be the smarter, safer, more reliable choice for vehicle detection in four-quadrant gate crossings.

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