Advanced Preemption

Non-intrusive radar sensors allow you to coordinate your traffic systems with railroad systems.


The Problem

When traffic management systems and railway systems interact, the traffic systems tend to suffer. Even well-designed traffic systems are pre-empted by railroad schedules and systems, making them less effective. An advanced pre-emption system, which allows for vehicle queue clearance at railroad crossings before the train arrives, requires train location information not provided by railroads.

The Solution

Island Radar developed a non-intrusive detection system that will allow state and municipal traffic managers to anticipate a railroad crossing activation with enough time to flush any vehicle queues at crossing locations. Initiating an advanced preemptive system requires time. Modern track circuits can only give about 30-seconds warning before a crossing event – not enough time to clear a vehicle queue. With easy-to-install sensors, Island Radar’s Advanced Pre-emption System gives traffic managers all the time they need, even for systems with multiple crossings along the same corridor and crossings with complex layouts.

The Technology

Island Radar’s Advanced Pre-emption System uses the same FRA-approved technologies used in the Island Radar Crossing Detection System and is the smarter, safer, more reliable choice for rail detection. Because it is easy and non-intrusive to install, with multiple mounting options, Island Radar’s sensors can be installed quickly wherever you need to detect the presence of a train.

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