Blocked Crossing

Communicate with motorists about blocked crossing soon enough for them to do something about it.


The Problem

Motorists encounter many frustrations in their travels and high on that list is sitting at a blocked crossing waiting for a train to clear. The situation is frustrating for road managers and traffic operations centers especially when a crossing is blocked and remains blocked beyond an allowable time. Improving efficiency and reducing delay are among the top priorities for road managers but sometimes blocked crossing events cannot be avoided like when dynamic traffic flow and dynamic freight train schedules do not match.

The Solution

Island Radar provides advanced traveler information allowing road traffic managers to improve communication to motorists providing clear choices and alternatives when these temporary conditions occur. Developed with the ability to identify and hold the detection of a stopped train at a crossing. The system alerts an advanced traveler information system (ATIS) to activate message signs in advance of the crossing. This information enables improved route planning. Traffic Operations centers can improve routing of emergency first responders in medical emergencies and drivers can update their routes and eliminate unexpected delays.

The Technology

Island Radar’s blocked crossing detection system utilizes the same FRA approved technologies used in the Island Radar crossing detection system and is the smarter, safer, more reliable choice for solutions to the blocked crossing problem. Island Radar continues to be included in project designs at crossings for freight, light rail and commuter rail projects across the country.

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