"Do Not Stop on the Tracks" Detection System

Real-time communication to guide vehicles out of dangerous situations.


The Problem

Inattentive driver behavior around railroad crossings can lead to unintentional queuing. When queues back up over and across the crossing island, the results can be unyielding and deadly.

The Solution

Island Radar uses a radar traffic sensor with an array of individual radar beams to detect vehicle traffic, moving or stopeed, across the railroad crossing. When it detects vehicles stopped on or queued over the crossing, a "Do Not Stop on the Tracks" sign is illuminated, encouraging motorists to move to safety.

The Technology

The Island Radar ‘Do Not Stop on the Tracks’ Detection System utilizes the same hardware as the FRA-approved Island Radar Vehicle Detection System. Designed to alert and inform traffic managers and motorists alike, the system is a non-intrusive sensor that identifies and holds the detection of a delayed or stopped driver on the crossing. Because it has the ability to detect even stopped vehicles, it is the system of choice for safety applications such as this.

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