Eliminate dead zones in diamond crossovers.


The Problem

At Interlockers, or diamond crossovers, a full flange bearing crossing is typically installed. Although this allows the safe continuation of the train along the track, it becomes insulated from the signal circuits on the tracks that converge into the intersection creating a track dead section. Typically, this track dead section is long enough for an entire train car or more to remain undetected, preventing the system from verifying if the crossing is blocked or clear. This can lead to obstructions or raking.

The Solution

Today, railroads successfully use Island Radar’s FRA approved technologies for detection at these problematic crossovers. Island Radar offers a redundant broad-zone detection system that can be installed at diamond crossovers to supplement detection when the track circuit has been insulated or broken, thus eliminating track dead sections and ensuring accurate reporting of crossing statuses.

The Technology

Two non-intrusive radar sensors, installed on 20-foot masts in the track wayside, provide constant detection in all weather and all environmental conditions. Island Radar provides reliable train detection for the entire crossover region. The radar sensors’ output is easily interfaced to the signal system as a trap circuit release providing a level of detection and safety that is not feasible with other forms of detection, restoring detection to a broken section of track circuit.

As the non-intrusive detection of choice for rail detection, with proven installations on numerous interlocker project for Class I railroads, Island Radar continues to be the smarter, safer, more reliable choice for detection at interlocker locations.

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