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Island Radar 101

Introducing Island Radar

  • Non-embedded Detection System
  • Direct Replacement for Buried Loops
  • Dual Radars - 100% Redundant
  • All-Weather Performance
  • Four Quad Gate Exit Gate Control
  • Blocked Crossing Detection
  • Independent Radar Outputs Can Be Vitally Circuited
The Island Radar provides long life, low life cycle cost vehicle detection for four quadrant gates and blocked crossing detection. It out performs and outlasts buried inductive loops, and frees railroads from the consequences of loop failures that require costly and time consuming road work in the crossing.

Superior Accuracy and Resolution

The Island Radar provides reliable vehicle detection without the maintenance problems and train delay consequences of buried devices. It uses patented SmartSensor Matrix radar technology from Wavetronix to spot vehicles in the crossing island, so that crossing controller equipment can implement Dynamic Exit Gate Clearance Timing in four-quadrant gate-crossing warning systems. Installed at the edge and above the crossing MTCD perimeter, and not in the roadway itself, there is no required periodic maintenance, no batteries to replace and no calibration to perform. Wavetronix is the world leader in non-embedded, radar-based vehicle detection for traffic intersection control and other intelligent transportation applications with over 20,000 devices in operation worldwide.

Non-Roadway Installation

Safely install two or more SmartSensor Matrix units above the crossing island and outside the roadway area. The sensors work together to provide fully redundant vehicle detection, and each unit continuously self-checks and crosschecks the other(s). Each sensor’s 90-degree, 100-foot detection range completely covers most crossings, recognizing lanes of traffic and detecting the presence of moving or stopped vehicles in up to eight lanes. For larger or irregularly shaped crossings, multiple sensors – up to eight – may be used without interference.

Flexible Crossing Controller Interfaces

Island Radar provides fully isolated optical, relay, and IP-based XML interface options to any make, model, or vintage of crossing electronics, including PLCs, relay logic, and the EGMS, GCP, and HXP controllers. Electrical surge protection and isolation meet or exceed the requirements of IEC 61000-4-5 class 4 and AREMA 11.3.3 Class C, respectively.

Simple Installation and Configuration

Radar sensors may be mounted on entrance gate masts or on stand-alone poles adjacent to the track, at the edge of the Minimum Track Clearance Distance zone. With auto-configuration, real time traffic visualization, and intuitive click-and-drag functionality, sensor setup is quick and easy.